FSSAI has been mandated by the FSS Act, 2006 for performing the following functions:

Standards and Compliances: Framing of regulations to lay down standards and guidelines with respect to articles of food and specifying an appropriate system of enforcing various standards thus notified

FSMS: Adoption of Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygienic Practices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point and other such practices to be followed by Food Business Operators (FBOs) to ensure food safety

Laboratories: Laying down procedures and guidelines for accreditation of laboratories and notification of accredited laboratories

Policy and Advisory Functions: To provide scientific advice and technical support to Central and State Governments in matters of framing policy and rules in areas that have a direct or indirect bearing on food safety and nutrition

Risk Management: Collect and collate data regarding food consumption, incidence and prevalence of biological risks, contaminants in food, residues of various contaminants in foods products, identification of emerging risks and introduction of a rapid alert system

Information Dissemination: Creating an information network across the country so that the public, consumers, Panchayats etc. receive rapid, reliable and objective information about food safety and issues of concern

Capacity Building: Provide training programmes to those involved in or intending to get involved in food businesses

Collaborations and Partnerships: Contribute to the development of international technical standards for food, sanitary and Phyto-sanitary standards

Consumer Awareness: Promote general awareness about food safety and standards

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