Moody Inspection and Assurance Ltd is a leading provider of assessment, inspection, certification and training

MOODY is accredited by multiple International accreditation bodies around the world & managed by highly dedicated & experienced professionals delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility

Moody is fully accredited by ASCB (E) – Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (Europe) Limited ( or Being established on 1995 in UK, ASCB (E) is one of the paradigm pioneer in the field of global accreditation services for certifying bodies as per the international standards of “ISO/IEC/TS 17011- Competency requirements for international accreditation boards”

FWQRC is the authorised business partner for India and provides assessment, inspection, certification and training

  • Management System Certifications
  • Product Certifications
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Inspections
  • Trainings

What We Do

We are authorised to inspect and issue accredited Quality Management system certification. We are also authorised to issue the following ISO certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015- Quality Management System
  • ISO 10002: 2014- Quality Management ( Customer Satisfaction)
  • ISO 13485:2016 – Quality Management ( Medical Devices )
  • ISO 14001:2015- Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – Health & Safety Management System
  • ISO 22000:2004 – Food Safety Management System
  • ISO 22716:2007 – Goods Manufacturing Practices ( Cosmetics)
  • ISO 27000:2013 – Information Security Management System
  • ISO 28000:2007 – Supply Chain Security Management System
  • ISO 29000:2010 – Petroleum, Petrochemical & Natural Gas Industries (Sector Specific QMS)
  • ISO 30000:2009- Ship Recycling Management System
  • ISO 31000:2009 – Risk Management System
  • ISO 39001:2007 – Road Traffic Safety Management System
  • ISO 50001:2011- Energy Management System
  • ISO 14298:2021 – Graphic Technology – Management of Security Printing Processes

Certification process

  • Complete a profiling form to customize a quote for your organization detailing the cost, planning and time required.
  • Conduct a pre-audit to determine if your organization already fulfils the requirements for applicable ISO standards and identify areas for improvement
  • Certification audit by moody auditors
  • Propose and implement corrective actions, if any
  • Receive your audit report and certificate from committee

Why chooses MOODY?

MOODY is a global leader in management systems solutions, having issued various management systems certifications to date. Our dedicated and experienced auditors across the globe can speak your language and help you explore the possibility of integrating your certification initiative with other management systems. We can also act as a one-stop provider for all your certification needs by offering bundled product testing and certification services. With the MOODY certification mark, you demonstrate your commitment to delivering secured products and services.

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