GAP Assessment Services

Why is a gap assessment required?

In simple terms, ‘gap’ refers to what is currently missing in your organization. It could be a document or a record, a policy or an instruction, or even an environment that is required to achieve the intended result. If your intended result is geared towards fulfilling customer requirements, you must ensure that your organization has all the gap(s) filled before you decide to try to meet customer requirements


Whether you are planning to make changes to an existing management system, integrating one with a previously implemented structure, or just starting out with a new management system, most consultants – as well as certification bodies (CB) – will tell you to do a gap assessment first. But what exactly is a gap assessment?

Need help conducting GAP Assessment?

Our Quality professional bring direct experience in food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics and medical device development and manufacturing to help you understand and address quality assurance needs at every stage of product. We offer auditing programs for food, drugs, cosmetics and medical device industries across the globe

FWQRC has a proven track record in facilitating success for numerous life science organisations.

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