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A quality culture is at the heart of any successful organizationIf you look closely at any reputable, successful business, you will almost always find a strong corporate culture. You will find engaged and empowered employees, enviable employee retention, and superior product quality.Culture is a secret weapon, but it’s becoming less and less secret. It is also becoming more and more obvious

“Building a quality culture is all about the people skills – communication, and all the touchy-feely stuff that seems like it doesn’t really belong in this space”

“Do it right for the first time and every time”

Why is doing right thing so important?

  • Customers expected
  • Investors Value it
  • The global community is collaborating to do the right thing for people & planet
  • Reputations depends on it

So, what’s the link between Quality & doing the right thing

Quality helps organization to do it right for the first time & strive to improve value for customers & stakeholders

Please choose FWQRC

To illuminate the light “Quality & Regulatory compliance” to the National and International Standards in your esteemed organisation (Subject matter experts from FWQRC shall act like fire to achieve the compliance)

  • Fire is bright, warm, and enticing
  • Fire can climb a mountain effortlessly
  • Fire is the element of passion

To eliminate/dissolve the non-compliances and keep the organisation healthy with compliance to the National and International standards (Subject matter experts from FWQRC shall act like Water to dissolve the non-compliances)

  • Water is the universal solvent, capable of dissolving more substances than any other liquid
  • Water’s ability to dissolve substances helps keep the planet healthy
  • Water is the element of intelligence and eloquence
  • Water has a high specific heat index, meaning that it takes a lot of energy to change its temperature. This is essential for life to survive on a planet
  • Water often serves as an effective cooling source by removing the heat from a fire. This is seen when hot lava from an erupting volcano enters the ocean or when a bucket of water is dumped on a campfire

When fire combined with water it will create steam, the ability to manipulate blasts of scalding water vapourBoth water and fire are seen as living entities that possess a will and a spirit of their own. Water and fire symbolize life, fertility, creativity and inspiration in cultures around

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